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CJ 希捷资本 | 后台系统全面升级提示

2017-10-23 19:31:44


CJ Capital 希捷资本后台系统全面升级


CJ Capital合作伙伴: 

CJ Capital希捷资本本着对经纪人业务的专注与不断追求,为提高代理及客户体验,CJ Capital希捷资本后台管理系统已经全面升级。

从今日起,CJ Capital希捷资本的合作伙伴可以体验和使用全新后台管理系统。代理请从官网中登录“CJ代理系统登录”入口,链接网址: broker.cjforex.com;客户请从官网中登录“CJ客户系统登录”入口,链接网址: trader.cjforex.com。对于第一次登录的老客户,请输入自己的开户邮箱,并点击忘记密码,系统将自动生成新的密码发至邮箱。对于新客户,请点击免费注册,成为CJ注册客户。注: 近期开户的用户如果在操作通过邮箱找回密码时出现“用户不存在”,请登录/brokers/uploads/allimg/171020/142P122G-1.jpg 用您开户时对应的邮箱申请注册一个CJ capital客户专属管理账号,我们收到您的注册申请后会第一时间将交易账号与其绑定。

CJ Capital将一如既往为您提供优质的服务,展望未来,我们真诚期待与您继续携手,精诚合作、互利共赢,共同描绘出更加辉煌灿烂的明天!

顺祝  商祺!

CJ Capital




 CJ Capital backstage system comprehensive upgrade


In order to enhance broker and customers’ use experience, CJ Capital's back office management system has been fully upgraded. 

From now on, we suggest our dear clients to experience and use the new background management system. For brokers, please log in from the official website "CJ agent system login" entry, link URL: broker.cjforex.com; customers, please from the official website login "CJ customer system login" entry, link URL: trader.cjforex.com. For the old customer, please enter your own account and click the forgotten password, the system will automatically generate a new password sent to the mailbox if it is your first time to login. For new customers, please click on the free registration button to become a new CJ registered customer.

Attention: If the user does not exist in the operation, please log in to /brokers/uploads/allimg/171020/142P122G-1.jpg apply for a CJ capital customer exclusive management account with the corresponding mailbox.. Your registration application will be dealt with as soon as we received your request.

CJ Capital will and as always, provides you a high quality service. About the future, we sincerely look forward to working with you to continue to work together, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win together to depict a more brilliant tomorrow!


CJ Capital

September 29, 2017




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